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Who we are

Beginning of our company was in 1991 as a wood manufacturer. In 2005 company extended its operation and entered into transporation market. In next years fleet was extended and company started operating in national and international transport, forwarding and logistics. As a result of advantageous economic situation and management by owner Wojciech Ryguła in next years quantitiy of fleet was constantly bigger and we employed new people. In case of dynamic development previous legal form stopped being optimal therefore we made decision to change it. In 2012 company became Ltd.
Since 2014 organising and legal form started to work as a Drewnex Ltd

Earnestly we make transporation:

  • national
  • among whole Western and Eastern Europe
  • countries aside form Europan Union such as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey

What we do

Our specialities are:

Full track freights with loading capacity 24t for tarpaulin, curatin, freezer and isotherm

  • Dedicated carriage
  • Oversized carriage
  • Dangerous materials ADR
  • Cars with loading capacity 1,5t – 6t.

Our advantages

  • Logistic centres, storaging products and reloading into different cars what let always find comprehensive solutions for small and medium companies. We have warehouse in Mikolow (Silesian voivodeship) and in Luban – 20 km from Zgorzelec (Low Silesian voivodeship)
  • We provide forwarding and transporation services for customers from Poland and Europe. We deal with international general cargo transport and fulltrack.
  • We specialize in routes from Western Europe to Poland.
  • Our staff by many year experience is expert in planning surrounding non-standard loads. That is why customers appreciate savings coming from outsourcing those services.